First Listen: Spiritual – Awakening

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It’s not often that the music styles of old find renewed life through generations of singers; sometimes, though, our ears are blessed by something deeper than the edits that time forces upon art forms, something pure and resonant that has a lasting impression. This is a spiritual sort of moment, when a modern voice carries an ancient honesty and a hunger that’s not teachable in a training session or capable of being tweaked out of the magic of a studio appointment.

Spiritual is an artist whose cries of hope come honorably. Having been born in the Allman Town area of Jamaica, he was orphaned as a young child. Once he was able to, he worked to aid the impoverished of his community, now bringing the wisdom of those raw experiences to his art and showcasing them with a humble knowing on his debut album, “Awakening”.

Spiritual is an impactful artist, through the power of his skill as a wordsmith and the warming soak of his auditory ambush – a vocalist who taps into veins that ring, at times, of both Burning Spear and Culture’s Joseph Hill (Rest in Peace, Rasta!), while remaining unique in its own regard. The sound is one of both homage to the necessary DNA of Roots Reggae and recognition that new branches sometimes bear the strongest fruit.

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First Listen: Spiritual – Awakening


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