OMI Listed in The Top 100 Most Streamed Jamaican Dancehall, Reggae Songs Of All Time

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What’s the most streamed Jamaican song of all time? Take a guess. There are just too many fantastic hits to choose from, right? You may think your personal favorite song must have the most streams. You have great taste, so it must be! Maybe a new hit has the top rank, or an old classic.

Let’s allow the numbers to speak for themselves! With an assist from CertifiedStreams.comDancehallMag has compiled this list of the top 100 most streamed songs ever with a Jamaican artist, band, or producer as a lead. The numbers were extrapolated from Spotify, which has the largest premium streaming market share, and YouTube, which has the largest free streaming market share. They do not include streams from Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other smaller platforms.

1. Cheerleader (Remix) – OMI

Cheerleader is the most streamed Jamaican song of all time. It was propelled internationally in 2014 after German producer/DJ Felix Jaehn released the remixed version. The song went to the top charts in North America, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and a few European countries.

Release date: January 2014
Producers: Clifton Dillon, OMI, Felix Jaehn
Album: Me 4 U
Streams: 3,015,000,000


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